Dr Kyaw Min Soe from Research for Health Economic and Evaluation (ReCHEE) has participated the workshop on "Psycho-Social Care and Support for Children and Adolescents Infected and/or Affected by HIV & AIDS" which was held 19 August to 6 September 2012 at Haifa, Israel" organized by Israel’s Agency For International Development Cooperation, The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center (MCTC) and UNAIDS. He promoted ICAAP 11 by giving a presentation and distributed the announcements of ICAAP 11 to the workshop participants.

Different therapies, which are important for treating psycho trauma and giving psychosocial support to the children, such as Art therapy, Music therapy and Psychodrama therapy are introducing to participants.

The Israeli Health System was introduced to the participants of the workshop by Dr Margalit Lorber, who is the head of the department of Autoimmune, HIV/AIDS Disease Unit, Rambam Medical Center in Israel. She presented about the development of Israel Health System from the beginning to current and pointed the basis of Israeli Health System, major trends, national health insurance and the Israeli’s achievement of in the Healthcare.