About ReCHEE

Research Centre for Health Economics and Evaluation (ReCHEE)
ReCHEE had been founded in 2000, in Bangkok, Thailand to explore the national response on HIV/AIDS & TB and related existing researches and to propose new protocols for conducting HIV/AIDS researches. The Vision for ReCHEE is to be the leader in research development with international standard in quality publications, research and knowledge: for supporting national health policy and also to be the leader in providing technical supports and training. The mission is to make constant achievement for sustainable growths in health and environmental health researches for a healthy society with values of ‘innovation with trust, togetherness and excellence’. 
Mahidol University’s commitment to the ‘The Wisdom of the Land’ and its dedication to provide the greatest benefits to the global community are our guiding principles. To achieve that, ReCHEE have revised its organisational structure, rules and regulations to be more efficient and flexible to respond promptly to new challenges of becoming an autonomous University. ReCHEE, as part of the, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University remains an autonomous unit conducting research, aiming to monitor a route that would shift from today short-term, crisis management and approaching to a long-term sustainable response at better understanding where the AIDS response has been the most effective as well as where it has failed, whether because of inaction, implementation of the wrong programmes or poor execution. Bringing the right combination of skills together will be a challenging task in itself but one with substantial rewards if implemented effectively. The Research Centre is designed to create an umbrella organisation which supports various public health research institutions involving in addressing issues of HIV/AIDS & TB and to monitor existing research and propose new protocols for conducting HIV/AIDS research. Professor Sukhontha Kongsin (Representative): phsks@mahidol.ac.th.