Scientific Program Committee team at the XIX International AIDS Conference 2012 Washington D.C.
            The Chair of ICAAP 11 Scientific Program Committee (SPC) Dr. Sukhontha Kongsin and SPC secretariat staffs attended The XIX International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. The chair and staffs participated in several activities of The International AIDS Conference to promote ICAAP 11 and its Scientific Program during the 22 – 27 July 2012.
            Participant survey was conducted by the SPC team during the conference to collect their opinion for organizing a successful ICAAP 11 total 263 delegates who attended the International AIDS Conference 2012 (Washington D.C.) were participated on survey. Research Centre for Health Economics and Evaluation (ReCHEE), Mahidol University is analyzing the data to summarize the key result of the survey. Different promotional materials of ICAAP 11 were also distributed during the conference at Washington D.C.


From competitors to partners for turning the tide to fight against HIV/AIDS among sex workers
Sukhum Jiamton1, Sukhontha  Kongsin2, Benjaporn Youngvises2, kulyisa Techapetpaiboon2, Nootchawan Boonruang2, Saranya Boonyai2, Kitiya  Prom-on2, Sittikorn  Rongsumlee2, Kyaw Min Soe2

1Faculty of Medicine Siriraj hospital, Mahidol University
2Research Centre for Health Economics and Evaluation, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University

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Buddhism and Paradigm shift for turning the tide on HIV/AIDS

Sukhum Jiamton2, Sukhontha Kongsin1, Nootchawan Boonruang1, Saranya Boonyai1, Kitiya Prom-On1,
Benjaporn Youngvises1, Sittikorn Rongsumlee1, Kulyisa Tachapetpaiboon1, Kyaw Min Soe1, Siriporn Monyarit1

1. Research Centre for Health Economic and Evaluation, Faculty of Public health, Mahidol University
2. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

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Understanding the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and factors for Turning the Tide to Zero discrimination

Sukhontha Kongsin1, Sukhum Jiamton2, Kitiya Prom-On1, Sittikorn Rongsumlee1, Kyaw Min Soe1

1Research Centre for Health Economics and Evaluation Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Thailand
2Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand

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